About Us



We are the Coalition for the Preservation of Truth whose members are representatives of both residential school survivors and intergenerational residential school survivors. The coalition is formed to advocate for the preservation of the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement - Individual Assessment Program’s documents. The Coalition recognizes the ongoing impacts of intergenerational trauma and as such, we acknowledge that future generations have a right to know the content of these documents. The Coalition wishes to preserve these documents while honouring individuals’ rights to privacy.


The Coalition has been granted intervenor status in the Attorney General of Canada v. Larry Philip Fontaine in his personal capacity and in his capacity as the executor of the estate of Agnes Mary Fontaine, deceased, et al. before the Supreme Court of Canada (the "IAP Case").

On May 25th, 2017, the Coalition will be appearing before the Supreme Court of Canada to advocate for the preservation of IAP records, which currently stand to be destroyed in 15 years. We believe that the Court must preserve these documents while honouring individuals' rights to privacy, and that the process for managing IAP records must consider the place of Indigenous laws.


The Coalition is a broad alliance of influential indigenous organizations, leaders, scholars and supporters working to ensure that the goals of long-term reconciliation and healing are achieved, by promoting the preservation of the stories told and records gathered during the Independent Assessment Process (“IAP”). It represents individuals who self-identify as intergenerational survivors of residential schools, and organizations devoted to supporting and advocating for intergenerational survivors. 

The Coalition is motivated by a commitment to honor the past seven generations, provide for the next seven generations, and respect the individuals of today. We have a collective responsibility to ensure individual survivors are in control of their own voice, and supported to pass on the information that future generations need to break the cycle of intergenerational trauma.

The Coalition believes that the Indian Residential School Settlement Agreement (IRSSA) is more than a contract between parties, but rather, is a solemn agreement respecting the reconciliation between Indigenous people, Canada and the churches involved in the operation of residential schools. Reconciliation of the collective interest of all Aboriginal people affected by residential schools, including intergenerational survivors, must be a guiding principle in the interpretation of the IRSSA.